Why Owner-Operators Should Use a Truck Dispatch Service

Are you too busy and don't have time to search through loads? If so, you can use the help of a freight dispatching service. In 2019 alone, trucks moved 11.84 billion tons of loads. That's a lot of freight and you'll no doubt need help as an owner-operator.
Working with a truck dispatching service is a decision you should make carefully. Choosing a solid partner will help you to manoeuvre logistical challenges, locate your loads quickly, and help you with billing. Working with the right dispatch service is the best decision that you'll ever make.

Benefits of using truck dispatch service

Dispatch services offer you many benefits as an owner-operator. Here are some of them.

1. Saves time

When you first start your truck business, you'll use load boards to get work. It, however, may only work for a while. As you start accepting loads, you'll have less time to use load boards. You'll also be missing out on opportunities that could make you more money. It's at that point that you need the services of a truck dispatch service.

The truck dispatching service will handle everything for you, allowing you to spend more time working. Most owner-operators fail within the first year due to being unable to find a consistent load to ensure their business is running. Time is money and you will be losing a lot of money finding loads and billing.

2. The dispatching service works for you

A good truck dispatcher will always work for you. They negotiate high rates for you since they take a percentage of your rate. If you make more money, the dispatch service also makes money.

Dispatchers also make sure that they bill shippers on time and that the shippers pay the invoice on time. The dispatch service offers extra services like collection, paperwork and billing.

3. Offers more than finding freight services

A truck dispatcher not only finds loads but also offers other services that benefit your business. Here are some of the services you'll enjoy.

● Customer care: Dispatchers help you maintain good relationships with shippers and tackle any issues.

● Managing unexpected delays: dispatchers can address unexpected delays due to traffic, weather, and any issues you may encounter while on the road.

● Billing, paperwork, and collections: They save you time by taking care of billing and collections.

● Motor carrier compliance: dispatchers ensure that you comply with motor carrier requirements to allow you to make a living and stay on the road.

As an owner-operator, taking care of all the paperwork can be time-consuming and stressful. You don't have to deal with all that stress when you can hire a reliable truck dispatching service to do all that for you.

It is essential to work with a reliable dispatcher because this position requires 24/7 availability. Make a move today and contact 24/7 DISPATCH, which will take your dispatching services to the next level.