4 Best Ways of Keeping Up with Changing Regulations Across the Multiple States

Federal, state and local regulations concerning different aspects of trucking change often and sometimes even overnight. If you don't pay close attention, it is easy to miss out on significant changes that may affect your company. However, you can keep up with the regulatory changes.
With so many updates, how do you make sure you aren't left behind? Below we've put down three of the best ways to stay on top of the emerging changes concerning trucking.

Check Regulatory Agency Websites

The best way of keeping up with changes in the trucking industry is by going straight to the source. The agencies always post policy changes directly to their websites. By visiting the site regularly, you can know if they have posted any changes. You can use an RSS feed reader to scan and curate updates from several websites automatically.

Attend Online Conferences and Webinars

Online conferences and webinars for trucking companies are excellent for networking and growing connections, but they can be resourceful in staying updated with new regulation changes. When there is a change, you can use the forum to learn and hear from the experts and ask real-time questions if you have something that needs clearing up.

Be Part of Industry Associations

Do you want to get information concerning trucking fast? Become a member of trade groups and associations in your industry. As a member, you will be alerted of the significant changes that affect you and can serve as a resource whenever you have any questions.

Using a 24/7 Dispatcher

If you want to stay updated on the changing regulations, you can delegate your trucking needs to a 24/7 Dispatch. They are always well informed and will spare you the hassle of running a trucking company.

Whichever method you choose, a thoughtful approach to compliance is always the best way forward. Never miss out on regulatory changes as they may be pretty costly and impact your business.