The Three Biggest Trucker Health Risks and How They Can Impact Your Business

Your drivers are your number one asset. Without them, your trucks aren't going anywhere. That's why it's so important to focus on your driver's health and well-being. That begins by identifying the biggest health risks truckers face and understanding how they can impact your business.
A Trucker's Life
Long hours and endless miles make it difficult for truckers to follow through with good health practices like eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise. In fact, truck drivers are considered one of the most unhealthy professional groups in the country. The most common ailments American truckers face include:
High-calorie, fatty, sugary fast foods are a dietary staple for truckers and lack of exercise is common. Obesity affects more than 50% of truckers, which leaves them vulnerable to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other health complications.
Time is money and truckers rarely have time for anything but fast food. That junk food diet and sedentary lifestyle does more than make truckers gain weight, it also increases the risk of diabetes. In fact, the rate of diabetes is nearly 50% higher in truckers than in the rest of the population.
According to experts, as many as 87% of truckers have hypertension or pre-hypertension, which can lead to serious heart problems including heart failure. Stress, long hours, poor diet, tobacco use, and inadequate exercise all contribute to high blood pressure issues.
How Driver's Health Affects Your Company
Unhealthy drivers who are obese, have diabetes, or suffer from hypertension can be a serious liability for your company. Encouraging healthy dietary choices, rewarding drivers who quit smoking, and stressing the importance of regular exercise are all ways you can help your drivers get healthier. In the end, healthier drivers will be more productive and happier at work, which will only benefit your trucking company.