How to Plan for Your Q4 Trucking Season Without Stress

Q4 season can feel daunting to those just starting up, and if it seems like there's no way around feeling overwhelmed or having a full schedule but one without enough time- we have the perfect answer for you. We've outlined various ways to plan to avoid feeling anxious and overwhelmed this season, so take a look at these tips below!

Take care of your drivers

Your drivers during the Q4 season may be under pressure - but it doesn't mean you can cut corners when it comes to truck drivers' health and well-being. It's crucial for both safety reasons and morale purposes that employees take time out for themselves. Here's how to look after them on those long hours behind the wheel, so everyone is happy.

  • For smaller companies, try splitting shifts between drivers, so they cover more ground in less time while still keeping it safe. This way, no one feels like they're overworked or taking too many risks just for the sake of getting the job done.
  • Allow drivers to take their breaks when needed by scheduling time off or creating a new work shift, so they aren't driving constantly.
  • Be sure to provide an onsite break area, stocked fridge, and fresh coffee. This way, your drivers will maintain healthy habits and feel encouraged to take their breaks on time.
  • Keep an eye out for the weather as it gets colder. Make sure you have at least one backup driver available in case of a snowstorm or other harmful conditions that may keep a regular driver from getting to work.

Consider dispatch services

Consider asking for help with dispatching service that can handle the load better than you. You may be able to contract out some of your jobs and have a detailed schedule that will allow you to focus on other tasks. Dispatching will enable you to plan your drives and re-arrange around other jobs, so you're not feeling overworked or too exhausted.

Some advantages of dispatching include:

  • Have someone take care of the all dreaded paperwork and billing. The truckers are paid faster and more efficiently through a central system requiring as much attention from your office staff.
  • Some Dispatch services find loads for you and book the truckers to fill them. You don't have to worry about your drivers not having work or worrying that they'll take on too many jobs and be overworked - it's all covered by a dispatch service!
  • They offer quality customer service that you may not be able to provide on your own - they will answer questions, make calls, organize invoices, schedule jobs accordingly, so it's all taken care of.
  • Dispatching company takes care of managing driver schedules ensuring your drivers are well rested and prepared for their long hours on the road, so it's a win-win situation all around!
  • Maintaining the vehicles in driving condition by avoiding unnecessary wear and tear on your trucks while doing more mileage in less time. This will help you avoid costly repairs at the end of a long season, which might otherwise be unavoidable for those without the benefits of dispatching services.

Dispatching is an excellent option for any size business with these benefits, but it's perfect if you only have one truck or are just starting up! Our company has experienced dispatchers that will work with you to make your business grow and thrive.

Keep an eye on your equipment

There's nothing worse than hitting a road bump with one of your trucks during this busy season. Ensure you're checking your equipment regularly and using best practices to ensure it doesn't happen - either by taking care of the truck or getting a service done ahead of time. Even if everything looks perfect, keep an eye out for warning signs like leaking fluids or anything that could start something on fire when there's no one around to put it out.

Stress-test your systems

It's important to know where the weaknesses in your system are before it gets busy. Consider this as a way of stress-testing and seeing if any hiccups could happen during peak periods. This will help you prepare for when demand is high, and everything needs to run smoothly without any problems arising from not having enough drivers or not having enough trucks. Planning early enough will help you know :

  • What are you lacking?
  • How will this gap be dealt with?
  • What are the steps to getting there?

In conclusion

Stay safe, stay sane, and have a plan for Q4. If you're like many truckers in the industry—self-employed or operating less than five trucks—you may be feeling overwhelmed right about now when it comes to planning your driving schedule this quarter.

There is a solution - 24/7 DISPATCH, which can help plan out your driving jobs, so you still have an active work calendar but don't overwork yourself during the busiest time of year. We understand the challenges of owning a small fleet or being an individual driver and know how vital safety is, which is why 24/7 DISPATCH we are always ready to help 24/7.