Reap These Indirect Cost-Savings When You Hire a Dispatch Service

Small and medium-sized carriers have to be especially careful with their budgets in order to compete with bigger carriers. Because profit margins can be so tight, it can be a struggle to stay afloat. One surprising way that you can save money and enhance your carrier business is by hiring a third-party dispatch service. That may seem counterintuitive, since you're hiring someone else, but it's actually a good financial move.
Indirect Cost-Savings of Hiring a Dispatch Service
As a business owner, you know it's vital to your company's ongoing success to manage your finances properly. You have to watch every cost, finding ways to reduce your outlay of cash whenever you can. When you hire a dispatch service, you save money in ways you may not realize including:
No In-House Dispatch Employees
This is your biggest cost savings as you won't have to pay a dispatcher's salary and benefits. You also save money on office space, furniture, and supplies.
No Investment in Equipment
You know it's important to invest in your business, but why put money out when you don't have to? A third-party dispatch service has all the equipment necessary without you putting in a dime.
Fewer Deadhead Runs
The last thing you want is an empty truck traveling down the road. A dispatch service can help eliminate those costly trips and replace them with the loads you need to keep your fleet profitable.
Is It Time to Hire a Third-Party Dispatcher?
Are you struggling to keep your trucking business's expenses in line? Are you having a tough time finding loads that are profitable? Is negotiating rates something you have a hard time doing? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, or if you just want to make more money with less hassle, contact us at 24/7 Dispatch. We'll get your trucks moving, and keep them moving, so you can realize your financial goals.