3 Emergencies that May Need 24/7 Dispatch Service

Are you an owner-operator, or do you manage a truck fleet? Wondering how to make your responsibilities easy, flawless, and straightforward? Dispatch service is what you might have been looking for. How? Dispatch service allows you peace of mind as you conduct your day-to-day business. Additionally, working with a 24/7 service dispatcher can rescue you from the stress of having to deal with several calls from drivers in case of a trucking emergency.
Furthermore, while you pay a small token for the service, you'll notice that, in the end, it's worth the hassle. Leverages ranging from finding jobs to being up-to-date with the weather patterns are just priceless. Well, the truth is, emergencies do happen in the trucking world, and having a dispatcher just a call away will save you a ton. Here are three emergencies that you need a 24/7 dispatcher for.

Truck Involved in an accident

No one ever wants to think of accidents happening. Nonetheless, having a well-trained and experienced dispatcher may come in handy if one of your fleet trucks, unfortunately, gets involved. Dispatchers can gather crucial information that can be of help while filing for insurance compensation. Relaying this information to the insurance and load receiver is work best left to them.

Weather Delays & Updates

On the road, truckers are exposed more to different weather changes. Such changes may bring delays in pulling the weights and may end up costing the company. Dispatch service can help with efficient rerouting and driver scheduling, masking you from delays. Navigating weather delays by the dispatcher might make the difference between making a profit or a loss.

Truck Breakdowns

Round-the-clock dispatch services are critical for your business continuity during breakdowns. Being an emergency, you or the driver may need someone to contact the nearest service shop and let them send someone as soon as possible. Also, they're convenient since they know the location of all fleet trucks and, subsequently, can immediately dispatch someone to take the goods to the receiver while the other awaits repair.

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