3 Best Semi-truck Brands for a New Trucking Company

Businesses, big or small, depend on the trucking industry for faster delivery of goods nationwide. Trucks are a vital component of the industry.
Trucks transport raw materials to the factories and also finished products to wholesalers and retailers.

As a small trucking company, it is vital to understand which trucks are suitable for your business.

Here are some of the common semi-trucks;

  • Sleeper truck
  • Day cab
  • Custom hauler
When shopping for a semi-truck, you can choose from the following brands;

  • Freightliner- It has quality trucks that offer efficiency, durability, and save fuel.
  • Western Star- It started operations in 1967. It has heavy-duty trucks capable of handling harsh environments like the mining industry.
  • Autocar started- operations in 1897. It focuses on innovation and technology.
Apart from getting the best semi-trucks for your company, it is equally vital to enlist the services of a trained dispatcher. It translates to the smooth running of your business.

The trucking industry has competition, especially for a small trucking company. It's vital to provide excellent service for your customers. Keep in mind that they can easily find another service provider.

Advantages of Using Dispatching Services

As a small trucking company or an owner-operator, it is vital to manage your back office well. A trained truck dispatcher will help you run the back office well.

The advantages of using dispatching services are;

  • Locate and connect you to loads that might seem difficult doing on your own and reduce the number of empty miles.
  • Help you tackle logistics challenges and hazards that you may not know—for example, road closures and harsh weather and traffic delays. Keep in mind that this translates to effective and timely operations.
  • Help with customer care support and essential paperwork like load delivery and billing and collection follow-up.

Choosing to outsource truck dispatching services from a professional is suitable for your business growth. Want to learn more about truck dispatching services? Contact 24/7 Dispatch. We Keep America Moving-24/7.